Washington DC, the Best City to Raise Kids

The other days, I just learned that Washington DC was voted to be the best city to raise kids. I guess I need to ask Doris & Donald then 🙂

Here in China, we have this big National Holidays (Oct. 1 – Oct. 7) coming up. Too bad, I have to work all these days because our data center is moving from Houston to Shanghai. Not only that, I probably need to work on wee hours. But, hopefully not. Gladly, my English class for locals are going to be over soon. Next year, probably, I wouldn’t like to sign up for it.
Hopefully, this Thanksgiving time, Donald will be able to travel toward west (Hawaii, Japan, Korea ??) so we can have a mini-family re-union there. If with two, then we will leave them alone 🙂 Of course, next time, Mom think that our family re-union is much better on a cruise ship. May be Alaska Cruise. Not sure yet.
The weather is getting cold here. This place is great for summer – nice and cool. Winter, hopefully, will be moderate also. A lot of people told me that up north, just across mountains, there will be a lot of snow, but not here.

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