Working in the Wee Hours and Misc

Yesterday, I started working at 8:00 AM all the way until 2:00 AM of this morning. Then I woke up at 6:00 AM and ready to work again.

Ha, Ha I haven’t anticipated that I needed to work in the wee hours at my age. But, it was good. This evening, probably, I will hit my old, warm sack right after dinner. I have already taken out some of Mom’s egg dumplings out of freezer this morning.
The other day, one of my local friends gave me lot peanuts. After cooking, I just spread them on the living room floor to let them dry. This, I take cue from the local farmers. They spread them on the highway and corner it off so cars can’t running their peanuts over. Good dry-clean-and-large surface to dry peanuts with GREEN things in mind 🙂 – no energy from any source except sun and wind.
Oh, the other day, when Mom was here. Both of us saw an awful car accident. The most grotesque one in my whole life, I believe. Evidently, a motor cycle hit at the dump track, which was full of heavy rocks, on the back, the motor cycle gas tank exploded. When our bus drove by the scene, we saw a completely burned char-coal body with one leg and one head stick up a little bit on the highway. It was still burning there. There are a lot of fire engines and policemen around but nothing could be done at that point. Just too bad, very bad accident indeed.

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