Our desktop computer died last week and Jeremy went inside to operate on its guts. I started out this marriage handier than Jeremy, but now I suspect he might be handier than I. In the past two days, Jeremy has not only fixed the computer, but he has also fixed our heater by spending $11.94 on a fuse at Home Depot. I had spent about an hour trying to figure out what was wrong with the damn heater and I think it took Jeremy only 15 minutes to figure it out. I defend myself with the fact that I don’t understand anything about electricity. I am suspicious of anything I can’t see and feel. Also the juxtaposition of electricity and magnetism always throws me for a loop.


Jeremy might have spent an extra 5 bucks or so to buy a Deskstar hard drive over the absolutely cheapest model. I used to make these hard drives for IBM, before Hitachi bought them out – was a process engineer for the HSA, the head stack assembly, the part which swings back and forth across the disks to read the data. When I was making them, they retailed for more than $800 for much less storage, but this one was $45? maybe $50?

The backup restore got hung up a little – it told us that it would finish in 70 years or so!


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