I love fall!

I took the kids to a new pumpkin patch last Friday – the kids had off school (apparently the teachers were headed to Ocean City for the annual Maryland Teacher’s Association meeting) and it was a beautiful day!  We went to Summer’s Farm in Fredrick, MD which is not a farm I’ve been to before, but I really wanted to do a corn maze and this seemed like the closest one with a good size maze. Vince had a play date and neither boy wanted to go to the corn maze, they all wanted to stay inside and play video games, but being the cruel, uncompromising mother that I am, I dragged us all out to the un-fun corn maze which was amazingly fun 5 minutes after we pulled into the parking lot.  Edda had a great time – laughed and was awake, which is ringing endorsement from her.  I forgot to pack her off-roading wheelchair, so it was a bit of a comedy routine with the boys running ahead and then me and Edda and Denise chasing them and then calling them back to help Edda get unstuck from the muddy patches.  As I said, a good time.


Vince wallowed in a huge pile of corn. 


And everyone picked a pumpkin and the rule was that they had to be able to carry it to the car because there was no way I was going to be hauling anyone’s pumpkin anywhere.  I think Vince ended up rolling his to the car.


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