Halloween party –

On Friday, I volunteered at Edda’s school for the Halloween parade/party.  Edda’s special ed class is slightly less (or more?  I can’t really figure that out right now) that 1:1 ratio and they really needed people to come in and help out as the special needs kids are dispersed within the typical classrooms and really need 1:1 attention.  I failed to get Edda’s “real” costume done in time, so I grabbed an old Snow White outfit to pack into her backpack in the morning.  Edda really has a 6th sense about parties – she seems to know when they are coming and instead of being overwhelmed, she often decides that it’s a good time for a nice, long nap.


I did manage to wake her up to walk the whole parade route (which was up an incredible number of stairs and across a grassy knoll and down a long, long ramp), but she was grumpy and really wanted to be sleeping soundly.  This parade always makes me feel a little grouchy.  I want Edda to like more “fun” things more, but you know – Edda has different priorities and marching around in a Halloween parade doesn’t seem like one of her top priorities.


Back in the classroom, there were several crafts we (I guess I should say I) mustered through, mainly with Edda sleeping soundly against my shoulder.  I really wanted this Halloween mug that I could decorate myself, but I didn’t want to be hogging the orange and black markers from a bunch of 2nd graders, so I made mine Christmas colors instead.


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