One month trial –


Excitement in the air!  Edda gets to trial an eye-gaze computer for the next month.  Jeremy and I went to Edda’s school this morning for the initial set up and training.  The county’s coordinator for augmentative communication looked at me in the eye and said, “Please be careful with it!” and I was confused because I thought that the computer would stay at school for the whole month, thus absolving me from actually having to do any computer work with Edda.  I asked nervously if the computer was coming home with Edda – and apparently the answer is – everyday on the bus.  Oh, it puts a little bit of extra work which I dread a little bit because I can feel the stress and frustration building already which I am trying to tamp down. AlI can say is that I’m happy that our one month trial is this month and not last month when we were all swamped with work.


Edda has no problem calibrating the system and her eyegaze is accurate up for 48 icons. Just imagine 48 spaces on the computer screen, if there is 1 picture of Dora in a sea of blank spaces, Edda can pinpoint that picture in no time flat. During this month, we are going to try and see if Edda can answer some academic questions – without showing that Edda can use it functionally, then most likely the school system won’t purchase the system.

After working about 15-20 minutes, Edda fell asleep. Her teacher gave her bunny ears 🙂


Here we are trying it out at home –


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  1. Is this system good for Edda? If definitely is, is it commercial available? At what costs? What is the upgrade and maintenance fee? Please let us know.

  2. Hi dad – we are trying it out for a month, it is very expensive about 17K. We want to see if Edda can use it, I'm not sure if it will work for her.

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