Zhaoyuan City, Yantai, Shandong, China

Currently, China is the world top gold producer and Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Shandong is the Gold Capital of China. It is not too far from here. Just like Haiyang, it is part of Yantai City. It locates in the NW direction of Haiyang. When Mom comes back, probably we can take a trip there together and visit their gold museum.

In addition, Mom will go to Nan Tong City, just north of the Chong Ming Island & across the river, to visit her relatives there on the 6th. The bridge on the north side of Chong Ming Island is under construction now. Therefore, Mom has to take a ferry to get to there. However, the south side bridge to Shanghai has been completed for a while. Therefore, there are a lot of bus runs between Shanghai and Chong Ming Island. It is very convenient to get in and out of Chong Ming these days.

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