Halloween was a success (of course). How could is not be a success? Actually, at the dinner table last night, we were trying to think of costumes which would top the bacon/egg combo and we don’t really have any good ideas. Jeremy told me that I need to revel in my success as costume-maker and not immediately worry about what I have to do to next year. I took only one photo of the trick-or-treat mayhem – we had the dogs with us and ran into many neighbors which meant that I had to be on the lookout for poop/other dogs/Vince running away with his pals/Edda not being too cold or unhappy. Anyways, my one photo has both the bacon and egg (and chef and a wizard friend) framed in the light of a doorway. Not too shabby.


Our annual sort – KitKat is the clear winner. Jeremy’s favorite, SweetTarts, had a poor showing.


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