Mac mini.

If you know us, we are a die-hard PC family. Jeremy worked for years at AMD which supplies chips to only PC makers and I feel like Apple has advertised it’s way into people’s hearts, making them spend more $ than they need to on computer equipment. I don’t like it that Apple feels a little cult-like and the long lines that form outside an Apple store on the day something is released just makes me uncomfortable to think that there is nothing better to do than to wait in the cold and dark for a little shiny object.

Anyways, all this doesn’t mean we aren’t immune to the allure (we did buy an Apple TV for Edda, which was one of the best birthday gifts ever for her), especially when you have a little brother who always happens to be an early Apple adopter.

Donald surprised us with his old MacMini when he upgraded, which Jeremy promptly added to our little electronic family, Lifehackering it into a little space underneath the kitchen cabinets. As cosmic computer karma would have it, that same night the MacMini came on board, one of our PC laptops died. Sigh.




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