Happy 70th Birthday to Mom

Happy 70th Birthday to Mom. Yesterday (Sunday), a day before her birthday, we got up at our regular hours and took a walk along the beach just across our apartment. Afternoon, we went to the the market to buy roses and several ingredients for her birthday cake. In the evening, we made her birthday cake together. At night, we chatted a lot, while reflecting upon on our life, our encounters and endless memories – both bad and good.

In fact, in our life, we are pretty lucky to have Doris and Donald came along, plus Jeremy, Vincent and Edda. Furthermore, both of us are pretty healthy and “don’t need a lot medical attentions” which is a Blessing. Only one thing, that we would do differently, is to spend more time with our kids. I believe we did our best at that time but probably more should be better and sweeter. Anyway, so far, we are blessed to enjoy our birthdays together – a pair, not just one person.
Tonight, after work and alone, we are going to have dinner together. Of course, both of us look forward to dating again 🙂 Only this time, we know each other for 46 years and have married for 41+ years.
picture 1: Mom with a stick and a home-made fishing boat
picture 2: Mom, roses and her home-made birthday cake

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