Not the only turkey.


Edda was a turkey in the school play last week.  I mentioned this to a good friend of mine and she said that she hoped that Edda wasn’t THE turkey in the play.  Frankly, it hadn’t really crossed my mind that Edda might be the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving feast because a few days before the play,  Edda’s teacher and I were discussing the odds of Edda even being awake for the play and perhaps if Edda was sound asleep at 10 am (which is her regular morning nap time) then maybe she would sit out the play.  Anyways, I was relieved to see the following photos from the school, Edda wide awake – off to the side (of course) –  being a turkey with a thousand other 2nd grade turkeys.  Now you might be wondering what sort of weird Thanksgiving day play offers up a hundred turkeys?  Maybe the turkeys are holding a rebellion for a national holiday centered around putting their own necks on the line?  No.  Apparently it was a debate on whether the national bird should be a turkey or a bald eagle.  (Bald eagles not seen in photo and probably on the other side of the stage). 



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