We were delighted to attend Vince’s 4th grade instrumental music concert on Wed. night. When it was time to pick what kind of instrument, I tried so hard to get him to play another instrument besides violin, which he has been playing for a year and a half already.  All the music they would have at the elementary school, even in the advanced class would be too easy for him. What about the baritone, sweetie?

I played the violin in elementary and middle school and I am wistful about all the marching band practices I missed out on. I should have played the bassoon. Actually, I’m not sure if bassoon is a marching band instrument.   I think I was a band geek in a former life. Alas, Vince did not want to practice another instrument, so violin it was.


This shirt/tie/pants outfit we purchased for Tony’s wedding last summer is really our go-to formal outfit and has exceeded my expectations on the number of times we have been able to use it. Vince has had more dry cleaned visits than I have this year! I was really impressed with the music teacher, very sweet, but also very disciplined. The concert ended with a resounding rendition of Ode to Joy. Beethoven would have been very pleased.


Edda had a nice nap during the performance.  Poor girl, I know that she would rather be home in a warm bath or snuggled in bed during these night time activities, but somehow we take her along just to take her along.  She is a good sport.  I think she even went grocery shopping with Jeremy after the concert (there was desperate need of Popsicles (in January!) and bacon, I’m sure) – didn’t get to be in her bed until 9 pm. 


On a completely different note, I found this to be hilarious – and so did my parents, they practically fell over laughing when they saw this —

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