French braid.

Edda’s hair is now officially long enough to make a ponytail to donate to Locks of Love.  Ten inches of beautiful, thick brown-black hair – but every time I bring this up, I get resistance from all sides.  Especially our caregivers who braid masterpieces such as this:


Did I mention that Edda has low platelet counts? We were trying to figure out why she was losing teeth so early – she’s already lost a bunch of molars which were not slated to come in until she was 12 years old – so we did some blood work at the suggestion of the dentist. We were trying to figure out if her thyroid was out of whack. But, of course, the thyoid is fine, but her platelets are low. So tomorrow we are headed to the hematologist to figure out why she has low platelet counts. We are trying not to freak out too much – so I just sit here trying not to freak out.  Sometimes I think I’m just to tired to freak out anymore and we have also totally abandoned the search for the reason why her teeth fall out early.


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  1. Locks of love is great. Her hair will grow back. I will freak out for you so you just take a break from that for awhile. I got your back.

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