Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer in the last post. It has been somewhat of an emotional struggle since the beginning of the year. Our newest au pair, who started in January, decided that our house is not the place for her, so our child care situation has been thrown into a tizzy once she leaves the house this week. We try to provide a nice working environment, but somehow it did not work out this time.

We have also not really resolved Edda’s low platelet issues – the hematologist suspected that Trileptal was the culprit, but the neurologist indicated that Trileptal was specifically designed to reduce, if not, eliminate the blood count side effects of the older types of these drugs. So the neuro does not think the platelets is due to the meds and actually, the blood work supports the neuro because it seems to show Edda is metabolizing the drug just fine. Anyways, we still are going to do a fast ramp down on the Trileptal, see if we lose seizure control (which I am always curious about) and redo the blood work to see if the platelet level goes back to normal. In the background of all this, one wonders if a low platelet level is something to worry about or if it is something that we shouldn’t really even worry about.

Of course, as soon as our childcare becomes non-existent, Jeremy starts his traveling for work again. He worked from home last week to make Edda’s IEP and neurologist appointment and I listened to him make 4 hour long conference calls in a row. This upcoming trip for Jeremy is so tightly packed (scheduled down to the hour) that he is really spending a lot of time on logistics to make it all work out smoothly. One of his innovations is the bluetooth earpiece. He even made a little house for it out of an old Altoids box and a kitchen sponge.


4 thoughts on “Struggling.”

  1. oh girl, I feel you, ever since we mvoed back to Denmark, first: our long term maid from Singapore run away with her newly met danish boy friend!, then we got an au pair all the way from China, took us time (2 months) and money, finally arrived in Denmark, only work for us 5 days and run away 5am, she just disappear! then we found another filipino girl work for us 2 days and then told us: 1. she doesnt like cat, 2. she doesnt like the food I cook, 3. she doesnt like Natasha! 4. she doesnt like when I correct her how to do her clean job 🙁 now I dont have any live in au pair, we have a dansih girl who comes here once a week to baby sis so me and klaus can go out have our alone moment. all these maid or au pair they come and go, no matter what we did for them, they just dont care, not blam them. but I wish you all the best to find someone good!

  2. Hang in there Doris. Child care was the tough one for us too. Paying for it (equal to first year at a cheap state university), finding the right people, feeling guilty about leaving them. The whole thing was truly difficult. I feel you as well!

    Love the little blue tooth holder.

  3. We have had good luck with our au pairs, we've had 3 that have taken such good care of the kids and they all stay in touch with us. This 4th au pair is the only one who wanted to leave. 🙁

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