Vince turned 10 on Friday and in the exuberance of it all, Jeremy and I momentarily lost our minds and let Vince plan a four-hour house party for 20 of his closest friends after school on Friday. How did we lose our minds and promise Vince this absolutely crazy plan? You know, he places his hand on my hand and give a little squeeze and then looks into my eyes and says, “You are the best mom ever!” and gives me a hug which may have included an Eskimo kiss. Well. I am absolutely besotted with the attention and Jeremy (as is his modus operandi) is just always agreeing to adventure without really thinking of the consequences.

I would like to say (now that the party is well over) that it went well.  Which means that we did successfully account for all the children and return them unharmed to their parents.  There may or may not have been arguments, crying, time outs, dry heaving on the verge of puking and wrestling, but now that the party is behind us, we will just say that it was a resounding success and also NEVER AGAIN.


Poor Edda, as she could have easily been a casualty in the melee, because of her unpredictable walking patterns, we needed to strap her to a chair for the duration of the party. As Jeremy said “lash her to the mast” a la Odysseus for her own protection!

The next morning, we donned some of the party favors and cleaned up the remnants of the pizza, chips and soda.


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