Mysterious mystery.


I do not like the unknown. I like things well defined and easily categorized. Of course, all of life is unknown and unknowable, so I have struggled with control issues for most of my life. I think if you ask most of my friends, they will tell you that I am warm, generous and relaxed – but it’s because I’ve spent a lifetime squashing these aloof, selfish and controlling tendencies into the bottom of my feet.

So to add to a list of yet another thing I can not control is Edda’s platelet levels. We took her off the most likely causitive drug, the Trieptal, and not only did the numbers not rebound, they went down (PLT, 53). So if you are keeping track, that’s 77 around Xmas, 64 around the beginning of Feb and 53 at the beginning of March. So that if one extrapolates – that would be no platelets right around August. (Regular range 100-400). So we have no idea what is causing this and also no idea what to do about it. It makes me sad and anxious. Although Edda seems no worse for having low platelet levels which I suppose is good.


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