Edda’s birthday, for me, can be a day of great sadness – so we were very lucky this year that we were out and about this Saturday, the 24th of March, the day Edda turned 8. I have the cub scouts to thank for this outing – we were in Chincoteague and Edda’s birthday could not have been any better.

We saw Misty – well preserved:


We went for a walk outside with lots of people:


I did not tell anyone it was Edda’s birthday (I don’t want anyone to make a big fuss – I was just so happy that we were spending the day with friends and a jam packed agenda and Edda was happy with it all) – but somehow, someone found out that it was Edda’s birthday and all the little sisters of all the cub scouts (there are at least 3 little girls that are Edda’s age) insisted that we order a slice of cake and sing. Nothing could make me any happier! The slice of cake was so large, we split it six ways!

Happy birthday sweet Edda!  May all your wishes come true :).


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