Tank pinata.


We thought that at the 4-hour-long 20-boy 10th birthday party, we would have a pinata, but it was clear 30 minutes into the party, there was no need to add anymore swinging sticks to the hoopla – so we saved the pinata for Sunday night dinner when the atmosphere was a little calmer and the ratio of adults:children was more than 1.

I did not actually know that this pinata did not even require the use of a swinging stick, apparently you can take turns pulling the ribbons at the bottom of the tank and one of them opens the trap door spilling the candy out. All the children knew about the ribbons and declared it not as cool as the ones that need a good beating with a stick. Leave it to me to not even question why a tank needs beautiful ribbons cascading out of the bottom of the chassis. I figured it was just to make the tank more “festive”.

So I did read the Nature paper on Rett and the data seems really great for the bone marrow transplant – most notably for girls with RS before symptoms really appear. There is a line in there that states that for symptomatic patients, the recovery of skills is not very noticeable.

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