iPad 3.

Vince has been saving his allowance and Christmas and birthday money for many years now and for his 10th birthday – he bought himself the iPad 3. We ordered it on the day of the announcement and I knew it was going to be delivered last Friday, but as luck would have it, I was out of the house on a vet visit for 30 minutes and missed the UPS guy. Jeremy and Vince ended up at 8:15 pm at the UPS depot with a line full of iPad junkies. Vince might have been the most excited one in line. I find it amusing that instead of standing in line at the Apple store – they stood in line at the UPS depot and had the same feeling of camaraderie without actually being on Apple property. Some guy in line jokingly offered to buy Vince’s iPad from him and he said “No way!”.


He did get the iPad engraved – it says: Vince’s iPad Keep out! or else. which I find a bit unfriendly, but what the heck it’s his.


Deb, Edda’s OT, was interested in purchasing an iPad for use in her office – so Vince and Jeremy spent the afternoon showing her everything to do with an iPad. Vince showed her Fruit Ninja, Jeremy showed her how to type up OT assessments.



7 thoughts on “iPad 3.”

  1. It's all over now. I want one too but can't think of any real reason for me to get one or what I'd do with it. Plus, I'm cheap. I can still say that I've never paid more than $20 for a cell phone. Still those Ipads sure are cool lookin. Happy Late Birthday Vince.

  2. @sherah – I still have a dumb phone. But I think I'm about to go over to the dark side :).

    @Tony – it's jelly not PB. Get your facts straight.

    @Donald – have you FaceTimed with him yet?

  3. Ah i remember when you got partial sig, you said you were gonna reward yourself with a smartphone. So now, it means you're gonna get two, right?

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