Summer in March.


It has been just beautiful here in Maryland this week – really warm and sunny. The kind of days that it seems like everyone who has an outdoor job is the luckiest person alive (like Ms. Sharon, our neighborhood crossing guard.) On the two block walk to Vince’s school, there are so many beautiful things to see – there is nothing easier than taking beautiful pictures of blooms. You really can not take a bad picture of a flower.


Despite the beautiful weather, we’ve all (with the exception of Vince) been sick this week – Edda went down first and then Jeremy and finally me. Of course, we could tell that Edda felt bad and had a runny nose, but there was no fever and her sleep seemed fine, so we sent her to school every day this week. It was only when it hit Jeremy two days later and me the next day, we realized how terrible Edda must have felt those two days I sent her to school.

I’ve been struggling to figure out how we would celebrate Edda’s birthday which is next weekend. Because Edda and Vince’s birthdays are so close together, it really throws into stark contrast our inability to figure out parties that Edda would enjoy. A million ideas for Vince come easily – so fast that we said no to 3-4 different ideas in the span of a 10 minute discussion (and yet we somehow said yes to the crazy 4-hour party) and even though I’m willing to spend the same effort for Edda, it is hard to see what she would enjoy more than hanging out with us watching TV, and eating some ice cream.

But overall, it has been a nice week – I passed the last major hurdle at my job – I’m now a “primary examiner” which means that I can finally sign all of my work on my own. I’m very pleased. I was planning to celebrate grandly because I’ve been talking about this day for 4 years now, but since we have no child care and also we all feel like crap – I just asked (ok, maybe I made) Jeremy go to Safeway and get my favorite Greek yogurt flavor and Drumstick ice cream cones and we toasted each other in the last few moments before we ran into the night time routine.

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  1. Your blog is quiet interesting. I hope you will show some family pictures next time. It's really hard to keep the family together when your kids also had another family. 🙂

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