I was in Dallas this weekend to attend a friend’s wedding. (Above is a picture of the breads we were searved at Breadwinners, a place that we went on Sat morning before the wedding. Yummy!) I had a fantastic time, but now I am sick, sick, sick. I left Friday morning and as luck would have it, Edda was sent home from school for being ill at about the same time I had gotten myself to the airport. I got a few nervous texts from Jeremy who deftly arranged pick ups for the kiddos at the appropriate times and he managed to also put a very productive day in himself. I was a little worried he would have to step out of work early, but he was fine.

I felt a little guilty leaving him this weekend with the kids, I have been traveling a bit on the weekends (I had gone to Boston only a few weekends ago) and sometimes it looks like I am gallivanting across the US and leaving Jeremy on a moments notice to toil at home with the kids and having no fun at all. Anyways, I hope he know how much I appreciate his help and that if he ever wanted to travel on the weekend, I would be game for it all.  Someday we will travel together without the kids, I’m not sure when it will happen, but I hoping soon.

Going to weddings always makes me happy because being married makes me very happy. Getting married to Jeremy is the best thing I have ever done in my life. He makes me who I am today and always supports me 100%.  

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  1. Awww! I feel the same way about weddings. I used to be kind of blah about them but now I love them! Hope all you sickies feel better soon…

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