Traveling Jeremy.

Jeremy is in Orlando this week attending some sort of work conference. He booked his travel too late to get a room at the hotel where the conference is being held, so instead of staying at the super duper resort, he is staying 5 minutes away at something like the Motel 6 for something like a quarter of the price of staying at the super duper resort. He is probably the only person in Orlando who has zero interest in visiting the Disney complex. I hope at least he brought his swim trunks, maybe he can swim in the pool (although who knows if the Motel 6 has any pools to speak of).

As luck would have it, Se Hyun, Edda and I are all sick. Nose blowing, sniffling and just feeling lousy and crummy. Although generally not lousy or crummy enough to not go to school or work. So Edda trudges off to school and the staff sends me continuous updates on her borderline fever temp.  I’m not sure if they want me to pick her up, but as there is no clear directive, I leave her at school because, well, we are all sick here at home too. I trudged off to work today (a whole 10 feet from my warm and comfy bed) and although I make it a policy not to be in my pajamas, I ended up donning my pink-stripy ones at 5 pm and called it a day.  I usually work until 6:15 pm or so – but today I just wanted to make some chicken soup to make us all feel better.

After the chicken soup, Vince and I slog through homework together.  He has been having some problems with completion of work at school as well as not reading the instructions carefully through and therefore getting the questions wrong that he would have been able to figure out if he carefully read what they were asking of him.  He is not a natural homework doer and I’m not a natural homework-doer-enforcer, but we have hit a pretty nice rhythm.  I would love to delegate the homework monitoring to someone else and I have tried, but in the end, no one cares as much as I do.

I’ve tried to reduce the amount of eye-rolling and exasperated sighs from both him and me to a minimum – it’s still a few times each session, but overall, we are OK with each other. The thing that amazes me about Vince is his inability to hold a grudge. He can be mad at you so much with gnashing of teeth and pouting of lip and then five minutes later he will be hugging you so hard and laughing and all is forgiven. He is a bigger person than me in that respect.

Isn’t this the cutest thing?


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