Ruby had minor surgery on her elbow to remove a benign growth and a skin tag. After I spent the (too much) money to do it and witnessed how annoyed Ruby is at me for making her wear her neck brace, I think I’m going to think pretty hard about the next time I opt for surgery for any of my pets.


This is a new kind of “cone of shame” which isn’t actually a cone, it’s nicer! It’s just a ring of plastic around Ruby’s neck so she can’t bend it too far and straps that go under her armpits so it doesn’t slide up over her head. She can still eat and drink and sleep in it, which is a bonus over the old cone design. I did notice that Ruby could reach the very edge of the bandage, so the vet recommended a T-shirt to cover her arms. I grabbed an old Hooters shirt and Ruby has been just incredibly mortified. She would rather hold her pee for 24 hours than go in the front yard with her whole get-up on.

One might ask, why does Doris own a Hooters T-shirt? Does she like going to Hooters enough to actually purchase a shirt from such a wonderful establishment? Actually, I not only own one T-shirt, I actually own 2 T-shirts and a cap (which, unfortunately, Vince wore to school last week without me noticing until another mom pointed it out to me about how funny it was that I allowed my son to wear a Hooters hat to school. I think I have to add a point to the “bad mom” column for that.)

3 thoughts on “Hooters.”

  1. Oh, Doris. This makes me laugh! Noah always wants to take Violet to Hooters because she likes owls, he says. Yeah, right. I tell him I don't think there is actually a lot of owl decor in there, but he thinks it's worth a shot (of course). Also, thanks for the laugh tonight. We are trying the sleep-training thing again (still desperate for a good night's sleep), and it is rough! Hope you are good…

  2. We are always thinking about going to Hooters because the au pairs are always curious and I guess so are we. So funny that Noah wants to take Violet there because of the owls ;). I actually got all the stuff from the Strollathon last year, I'm not sure what possessed me to bid on it, but I did 🙂

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