New bath setup.


So our bath chair that we bought just a year ago has been decommissioned. It still works fine, it’s just that Edda slips off the chair and it’s hard to keep her on the seat while it’s raising up. I’ve tried a belt, but it digs into her tummy so much so that it looks like I’ve applied a tourniquet to her midsection. Because using the bath chair with Edda still involved a lot of bending and reaching, I was the only person to bathe Edda. Jeremy is not really very flexible, he can’t touch his toes and hates to bend down to pick up something off the floor and hates squatting (which I find extremely comfortable).

So Jeremy went out and spent less than $100 to buy a bath chair and a hose adapter for the master bath shower and voila! Now Jeremy can help Edda stay clean.


I feel a little stupid because I spent like 3-4 times as much money on this bath chair which we used for just a year when I kind of knew we would have to go to the shower thing anyways. I just really didn’t want to give up on baths for Edda. I love baths and prefer them over showers, and I think Edda does to, although yesterday when Jeremy was showering her, she was full of laughter and happiness.

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