Marble Slab.

Every month there is an “eat out night” for Vince’s school and last night it was at our local ice cream place. Edda and I stayed at home – mainly because I’m trying to watch my girly figure – and the rest of the gang went out to indulge. Most of the time, we don’t go to these eat out nights because they are mid-week and I’d rather eat at home, but this time, the school had “guest star” scoopers and Vince’s teacher told his class that she was going to be there from 6pm till closing. I love his teacher very much and as an added bonus she has the most beautiful teacher handwriting. Thank you Ms. K for teaching Vince about unit conversions.


Se Hyun is settling into the groove of things, she’s been here two weeks now and we can all breath a little easier. In Korea, they have neither a dryer nor a dishwasher. Missing a dishwasher I can understand, but I would totally miss my dryer (even though I know it takes up a big chunk of our energy consumption).


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  1. The dishwashers and dryers were definitely rare when I was growing up but I think they are more common now because when we went to visit two years ago all of my relatives and my sister had the dryers. The weird thing is that the washer did the drying as well, so it was one machine instead of two separate ones. Anyway, we have to get together. We'd love to meet Sehyung. Glad Edda's bath situation is better. I have NO idea what we'd do without a bathchair!

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