Date night.


We try and have date night on Wed. nights, it is always a challenge to figure out something which is both cheap and fun. This week we picked something that was neither cheap nor especially fun, we went to IKEA to buy a new couch. Our more than a decade old sofas are now so stained and ratty that it is just plain embarrassing to have people come over and the first thing they do is to sit on the food crusted/grease spotted/torn fabric couches. So after months of hemming and hawing, we finally picked last night to go and pick out the couches. Wed. night is the most perfect night to go to IKEA, the place is practically empty! So gloriously spacious. So wonderfully romantic among all the MALM shelving.

Our sitter, Se Hyun, is so funny – she always asks if we our dates are romantic. Someday we might have a romantic date with candles and rose petals, but I’m not sure if it is possible after being together for a bazillion years to have a romantic date anymore. Isn’t the romance of it all kind of like finding out new and exciting things that you don’t know about the other person? I don’t think there is much mystery left in our relationship. Also romantic means not going to a place that has ketchup on the table.


It’s so hard to become a vegetarian when roast chicken tastes so good. I know I have no willpower.


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