Edda’s in the house –

We took Edda to Jeremy’s barber to fix up her hair. He was very sweet and Edda complied nicely by being very much asleep during a lot of the haircut. We were going to take both Jeremy and Edda to Cartoon Cuts to get the Mom and me combo (which really would have been the Dad and me haircut combo), but we were not in that part of town – so off to the barber we went.


So if you have a minute and would like to see Edda and her short hair cut and her stair lift all at once, here’s our action packed stairlift movie. She is not super happy in this video, I think it was her third trip on the stairlift, you know, because I need to have more than one take and she’s like come on people, I got stuff to do, movies to watch, I don’t have time for your damn moviemaking.  Enjoy!

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