Going to Home Depot.


We are having a nice relaxing weekend. No big plans – just hanging around the house and figuring out new apps to load onto our smartphones. Jeremy decided today was the day to tackle some electrical work – we have needed some new outlets for years now – somehow we can live with extension cords draped over all parts of the house without noticing too much or caring too much. We did get a quote from our favorite electrician who said that he basically charges $100 an outlet, so not only did we know how much we were saving per outlet, but we also had a person that we could call to save our butts (and know how much he would charge us) in case we shorted out half the house.

This project involved only two trips to Home Depot which I considered not too shabby. We needed an outlet across from the toilet seat in the downstairs half bath to keep Edda’s TV charged and going. The extension cord had gone across behind the toilet and across the back of the sink to the outlet used to power hairdryers and shavers which is a long way to go in a small bathroom.  Edda is pretty much timed toilet trained now, if we are concentious enought to put her on the potty every two hours for 10 minutes or so, we rarely have to change a poopy diaper which is AWESOME. (Although I did have to change one today as we were in the bathroom all afternoon and forgot to put her on the potty. Whoops.).


Fix it projects used to be the source of all our marital arguments, but now that we are well into our 4th year of home ownership, we have managed to figure out how to work relatively peacefully with each other.  It still is a challenge and sometimes overwhelming as we have vastly different approaches to solving problems – but we both listen to each other now and also we know when it is time to call in a professional.


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