Ruby is so pissed.


Ruby is so mad at me these days. About 3 weeks ago, I had a growth removed from her elbow. The tumore had been there a long time, but suddenly it grew and became strangely hairless and bled a little. So I thought it would be a reasonable thing to remove it. So it was quickly removed and determined to be a benign skin tumor which was a relief – however, after the stitches came out it took Ruby only 5 minutes of “alone time” to reopen the elbow wound. So here I am at 5 pm, with a doggie that has an open wound the size of a quarter. Ugh. So I hightail it to CVS to get a supply of wound care items and come back and do my best to tape Ruby’s elbow back together.

The next day, Ruby gets a second surgery just to close the open wound (which ended up costing as much as the first surgery). This time, I resolve not to let her romp around or even walk very much so she has been housebound for the duration of the 2nd set of stitches. I make her wear the cone of shame and also a T-shirt which covers her elbow.  She looked at me both with sadness and resentfulness. Then the vet took out the stiches the 2nd time and decided that one end still looked questionable and put in 4 staples for yet another week!

Poor Ruby is dying to see the outside again. Today I let her out in the front yard to pee and refused to come back inside. Exasperated with our disobeident dog,  I told Jeremy that she was his responsbility to bring inside. Jeremy ended up carrying our 60 pound dog across the yard into the house. Ornery dog. Sheez.

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