Stained glass store.


I took the final for my biology class on Wednesday and all of a sudden, I find myself with more time. I used to have 5 hours of class and lab each week and I used to swim twice a week for an hour during the day – both of these I’ve stopped within the last two or three weeks and now I have time to catch my breath. I’ve been working more at work to catch up on some overdue patent stuff, but I’ve also had the chance to try and declutter the house and get some things done that I just haven’t had time to do.

I’ve been trying to fix a floor lamp that used to be in Jeremy’s parents house when Jeremy was a child. It had been sitting in the middle of our bedroom for six months just gathering dust. It is wrought iron with glass panels that surround the light bulb. Of course all the glass panels were long gone – so yesterday I found out there was a stained glass supply shop near the house so I went there during lunch time and picked through a million different beautiful pieces of glass to replace the missing ones from Jeremy’s lamp.   I love going to art supply shops and seeing all the beautiful things to see.  The photo above shows different colors of glass plates stacked like records in a shelf.   It is so inspiring, makes me want to add beauty and color into my life.

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