I’m getting a desktop.


Vince and his friends are obsessed about this game called Minecraft. I’m not sure what is at all exciting about this game, it certainly is no Angry Birds.  It seems really boring, it has been explained to me as video game Legos.  Anyways, Vince invites all his friends over to the house and they take all the existing laptops in the house and then I don’t have one. (At the high water mark, we had three laptops – two of the laptops are now dead, so really we only have one laptop now). I like to keep a personal laptop next to me while I’m at work so when I’m checking personal stuff, I don’t do it on the work computer.

But everyday after school, my laptop gets taken by a little boy to build things in Minecraft-land and then what am I to do when I need to check up on celebrity gossip? It’s just a terrible situation. So Jeremy found an old desktop and we just bought a cheap monitor which is coming tomorrow and I’m so excited that it’s going to be heavy and big and slow so no one will take it from me!!! Muhahahaha!

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  1. dude. jeremy took over the iPad, he reads it on the Metro. Such a hassle to log him out and log me in and also I never see it 🙂 I'm going backwards in time.

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