Edda and camp!


We send Edda to Camp JCC during the summers. They have a great inclusion program in which Edda gets to participate with the typical kiddos and have fun. Vince goes too for most of the summer (except for the first session in which he was suppose to be camping), it’s the only organized outside-of-the-house thing the two of them get to do together. I secretly wish that instead of school, Edda could go to camp all year. What’s not to like about going on trips, singing and dancing all day and being in the pool everyday?

Edda is having kind of a rough week – some grumpiness I can’t really pinpoint, not in the mornings – usually in the evenings. Appetite is still good and sleep is good too. I can’t figure it out (maybe tooth pain?). Edda’s counselor also noticed some grumpiness at camp the past few days, although I can’t decide if it is just that Edda is pissed that it is 100 degrees and she has to be outside at least part of the day. Frankly, I expect Edda to be at least a little grumpy at camp where she doesn’t have immediate access to videos/music/food, however, it’s really unusual for Edda to stay grumpy in the evenings at home with her every whim taken care of. Edda had some poop issues at camp today and if there is anything worse than me cleaning a messy diaper – it is knowing that someone else has to do it. So not fun. I could tell from today’s log in the daily diary that Sarah (Edda’s high school aged one-on-one) had a tough day (she’s the one driving the wheelchair in the above photo).

I have been obsessed with this song today – played it over and over again at work, keeps the patents rolling. For you easily offended, it has the word bulls**t in it like 17 million times, so be warned.

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  1. I like that song too. Jay Z found this gal or produced her or something like that. I think she looks and sounds a little like Beyonce. Hmmmmm.
    No wonder he likes her!

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