Power outage.

It has been a little hectic around here. Friday night, a strong storm system moved through the area and blew hurricane force winds for about 30 minutes. This is the sort of damage we saw in the area (this is just around the corner from our house):


We lost power for only an hour, however, many of our neighbors are still without power today. It has been a long five days. So ever since Friday night, we’ve been kind of like a refugee camp here – lots of people (including my parents) sleeping in the beds – some neighbors brought over meat that was thawing in their melting fridge and we had an impromptu dinner party.  Lots of hot/tired/exasperated people in DC.

The storm also put a kink in our summer scheduling, Vince and Jeremy were to go to sleep away Cub Scout camp this week, but the power went down at the camp and there was extensive debris, so it was cancelled. Jeremy and the handful of other dads who took the week off have been trying valiantly to recreat cub scout camp here locally, because now you have twelve boys who have nothing to do all week. Jeremy (although exhausted) is enjoying his week off – he gets to hang with Vince and his pals AND sleep in his own air conditioned bed at night.


2 thoughts on “Power outage.”

  1. Man I wondered if you'd lost power with few posts. Glad you have ac! Sorry for all the other troubles though!

    ps Josh accidently-on-purpose got a summer job as an assistant to a geophysist with a an alternative energy consulting company helping to set up a lab and monitor equipment. He gets to play in dirt with machines for the next two months. He's in engineer geek heaven! It's in Round Rock. Sigh.

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