A Trip to Kumming, China and Hong Kong

Rena and I are going to travel to Kumming, China for 6 days on the 18th under a program that we only have to pay US$99.00 each for local hotel room, meals and transportation.  But, we have to pay our air tickets from here to Kumming, China and back.  The only condition is that besides sight-seeing, we have to participate their fixed number of shopping trips – you don’t have to buy and do have to go.  They are some additional expenses such as tips as well as gate tickets.  But, they are minimum.

After that, we will go to Hong Kong for Rena’s eldest sister’s 80th birthday celebration.  Together with her gangs, Rena will continue her journey to Shanghai to celebrate and I am heading back to USA on Oct. 3rd.  from Hong Kong and she will stay in Chong Ming, China until end of October.

Since I was back in June, Rena and I have almost worked unstoppable to tidy our yards and, I believe, besides the “Deer Fence Phase III” at Washington DC, everything should be in place – at least, for now 🙂

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