It just is!

So after the terrible, no good, very bad day on Monday with Edda – yesterday Edda was full of smiles and happiness – even at therapy and at a play date arranged by Se Hyun. Was yesterday any different than Monday? Well, school was in session which leads me to think that a regular schedule is what was missing, but again, I really don’t know. I understand that there are days where everyone gets to feel like they are at the end of their rope, I just wish I knew what triggered it for Edda.

Also, I get lulled into complacency, sometimes we will have 2-3 days in a row of Edda happiness and then I will feel good and optimistic think that heaven above has shone down on me and then I will get walloped with a day of 4-5 hours of crying and I will wallow in my ineptitude of being a mother who is unable to make her daughter happy.

Edda’s mood swings are not the only thing on my mind these days, things are crazy around here, the house needs some repairs including a leak in the ceiling, leaking gutter caused by a falling branch, a broken window caused by a little imp in the house. Work is also heading into the end of the fiscal year at the end of September which means I’m in a little bit of a patent crunch. Nonetheless – I found myself (out of necessity) driving around town yesterday with all three dogs in the van mid-day (Ruby is in the picture, you can make out her shadow behind the crates).


I will not bore you with my dog saga – but thankfully it was a cool, cloudy day yesterday and I could leave them in the car while I tried on some crazy shoes designed by Jessica Simpson at TJ Maxx.


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