Soldier on.


So yesterday was the Jewish New Year and we had a doozy of a day. The kids didn’t have school yesterday, so I arranged for Vince to have a playdate, Se Hyun was on Edda duty for most of the day while I worked upstairs. Se Hyun took Edda to the park and Edda cried the whole time, then the two came home and I could hear Edda crying on and off for the next few hours while I raced through my day’s work. I relieved Se Hyun at 3:30pm when I emailed in my last patent for the day and then Edda cried for me for three hours while I held her closely in her bed trying to get her to take a nap. Then took her downstairs and buckled her into a chair in front of the TV so I could get dinner going without having her follow me around the house crying and putting her hands onto the hot stove – grilled ham and cheese and broccoli. She cried a lot of the time. Then Jeremy came home and we served dinner and Edda cried some more. Jeremy and Vince went out to a cub scout meeting and Se Hyun helped clean up the kitchen.  Then 7:30 came rolling around and I took Edda upstairs (crying) and she went to bed peacefully (although without getting her teeth brushed, I can’t bear to brush her teeth when she is crying.  Then I came downstairs to discover the leak in the ceiling has developed into a small deluge.  Then I wanted to cry – but I just ate some snacks instead.  Sigh.  I think I’m going to go get a snack now.

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  1. Oh man that just sucks. I thibk you should have crawled into bed with Edda and had a good cry. Sometimes that makes me feel better.

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