Vince has never played in organized sports. We are not a “sporty” type of family. No one watches sports on TV, no one went to a college with football, no one understands the “off sides” rules of soccer. Jeremy mentioned to me this summer that he though that Vince should get involved with a team sport – to which I groaned because we live in an area which all the kids start all their sports when they are 4 years old and there is no way that Vince would be able to catch up in any sport such as soccer/football/baseball/basketball/tennis/lacrosse/wrestling. I actually proposed fencing or ping pong (sorry, table tennis) as a possible sport for Vince because I think those sports are a little underrepresented and maybe Vince would have a fighting chance to not be humiliated on the first day. Anyways Vince (and Jeremy) scoffed at my fencing/ping pong idea and Vince said that he wanted to play soccer and I signed him up for the local rec-league soccer and we showed up to the field – knew no one, it was hot and he was outplayed and it all ended in tears and frustration.


I scrambled around and backed out from the local rec-league and found a co-ed league run by the city and we went today and Vince had a great time. Still knew no one, but it was in the shade and Vince’s level of play was fine, got lots of ball action and I felt like the coach was better than the more competitive team I had first signed him up for. I like that the team is co-ed and the best player by far was a girl.



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  1. The best players are girls. And, just what is wrong with fencing!! Way more fun to watch than soccer and it's indoors

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