Special effort.


Vince doesn’t want to play violin anymore. It’s really no surprise. It’s hard work. I told him that we were just going to go ahead and plow through it – that this was the one thing I was going to make him do. I told him the pay off was going to be when he was a grown up and could appreciate that he knew how to play some music. He replied that the payoff was going to be when he made his own kids play a musical instrument. I told him he was probably right.

3 thoughts on “Special effort.”

  1. I just love Vincent! He is such a smart kid. So funny. You go Doris. You are doing the right thing. I let Josh give up guitar and now he never plays anymore. Gloria made Sam and Mason keep playing and now they are both really good at several instruments. Plus she plays again and even went to grown-up violin camp. AND, Matt learned to play guitar as an adult.

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