So we were walking the kids to school – Boba, Ruby, Vince, friend and me. Minding our own business. Pooping:


and picking up the poop:


Just your regular morning routine. After Vince and pal were dropped off, I went behind the school to the tennis courts where I meet up with a few other doggie comrades. There we were – chatting about the crap that we always chat about – while the doggies enjoy their time running around chasing balls. After we were there a few minutes, the Rockville police comes by and tells us (very nicely and kind of apologetically) that even though we were in the tennis courts, we were still breaking the city’s off-leash law. So I got a written citation and Ruby and Boba and I are all semi-criminals now. I guess I need to find a private yard to hang out in. Sigh.

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