Running with friends.

It was a really busy weekend – usually I don’t like packing so many things in a weekend (really one needs some time to watch bad TV and eat cookies), but somehow the schedule just worked out that way. So, in addition to celebrating turning 40 and having my in-laws in town, I also managed to squeeze in a 10K run on Sunday morning just before the rain started pouring. Originally, I signed up for this because I thought I would be training for the Disney princess half-marathon in Feb with (at least) two local Rett mom friends, but I’m just not that into it in so many ways the least of which is that I don’t really want to run for more than two hours in a row.

This 10K I ran in just slightly over an hour which is way better than I thought I would do – it was flat and fast and I had a pal to chat with the whole time.

parks 10 k

I’m so pleased I’ve been running 4-5 a week for months now, it’s really been such an accomplishment for me 🙂

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