I haven’t run for a few days because the inside of my ankle has been feeling weird. Weird meaning that it hurts. And it’s a little swollen. It’s nice that you can google “pain inside ankle” and just self-diagnose yourself as having posterior tibial tendonitis and feel good about yourself that you didn’t need to go to some fancy doctor who would have told you just to stop running. So I’ve decided to take a few days off and maybe eyeball my new running shoes as the culprit and leave it at that. It just turns out that my running partner is not feeling well today – so luckily I didn’t have to be the only one bailing out of this morning’s run.

It was a lovely weekend – on Saturday, Jeremy spent the day in Virginia and Vince spent the day in southern Md and it was just me and Miss Edda all day. We spent part of the day with some of our friends with Rett Syndrome at the Blue Sky Girls event in College Park, MD.


We were a small but mighty group!

We ducked out a little bit early, Edda was starting to be unhappy with it all and I wanted to spend the day just the two of us together.

Our first stop was IKEA where we enjoyed the famous meatballs. And then we walked around the whole market place – Edda joyfully yelling “Bah!” and me window shopping at all the awesomeness that I wanted but did not need.


Second stop was at Target and the third stop was home. Once I got home, I had all the good intentions of studying parts of the skull, but really I lay down on the couch, put the book next to me, Boba sat on my chest and I fell asleep for a few hours. Edda watched TV and periodically sat on my head. It was a wonderful afternoon.

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