Neurology friday

We went to Edda’s neurologist on Friday. He’s recently taken a job with Children’s as the Medical Director of pediatric neurology which started on Sept 1. So, more than a month ago, when we were in the midst of Edda’s crazy, unhappy moods, we made the earliest appointment we could which was on Friday because he wasn’t seeing patients for the first 6 weeks of his new job.

Of course, over the span of the last months or so, Edda’s moods have swung back to being more and more herself. Usually chipper, predictably pissed at waiting in line or going on a walk in the park. So we walked into the neuro appointment basically clueless about what to say about Edda.


We brought Dr. Difazio back up to speed with Edda’s summer and then he said we did everything that we could and got ready to pack up. We congratulated him on his new job and he ask (because I was wearing the T-shirt) if I had run the local half marathon this year – he’s also a runner – and I laughed and said that I had just volunteered this year.

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