Long noodles

I have been reading with interest the reviews of Andrew Solomon’s book, Far from the Tree. The book is about “horizontal” children – children that are so different from their parents that instead of a vertical passing of similar characteristics, they are horizontal from their parents and live in a world completely different from what their parents are used to. I suppose I count Edda as my own horizontal child. He interviewed many, many families with horizontal children and the book has been getting favorable reviews. I will read it when I get a chance to – probably in a few years knowing the rate at which I read books. When it does get to the top of my list, I’m hoping that I will find it more interesting than the Noonday Demon, which also had a very personal topic, but I found not very interesting to read.

I am really a Scrooge for the holidays, I’m trying to be in a better mood by listening to the Pandora Christmas channel all day. Thanksgiving was lovely, lots of food which started with long noodles on the 21st for my mother’s birthday.



3 thoughts on “Long noodles”

  1. Pandora Christmas channel would make me run screaming from the room like a Charlie Brown character. "AAAAAAGGH!"I'd be a super scrooge if I had to listen that stuff.
    Maybe you should try listening to something else like say "KOKE FM 98.5 here in Austin.

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