Very exciting Thanksgiving.

Jeremy cut the turkey in half!  What is happening?

There is no true Thanksgiving without a marital argument. Jeremy and I always partake of this annual tradition by getting mad at each other on Thanksgiving morning, mere hours before folks descended to our house. Of course, the argument was over cranberry sauce, and as we are having this argument we are kind of laughing at each other saying that this is the start of our annual holiday argument. It has resolved by now, thank goodness.

Other than our little tiff, Thanksgiving was wonderful. Reinforced our impression that it is Edda’s favorite holiday. I’ve never seen her so happy eating so much food and she went to bed with the largest smile I’ve seen in a while. We are so lucky she eats so well and grows so well, really a huge blessing.

Donald introduced all of us to his girlfriend Annie and with Annie came her sister, Judy and Judy’s funny and kind boyfriend, Yancy. Oh yes, and their Rhodesian ridge back puppy!


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