Happy Birthday to Me

Well, today (X’mas Day) is my birthday.  I was woke up by a “Wishing me a Happy Birthday” phone call from Mom at 4:30 AM.  It was a bit early but, nevertheless, exciting.  After breakfast, I was at my office 5:30 AM to make up times for my absence after Dec. 26th.

After 9:30 AM, I am going back to my apartment to take a shower and heading to the city for Donald’s Party.  Mom asked me to get him a cheese cake, his favorite,  from “Cheese Cake Factory”.  I did just that on Friday evening hours to a completely packed parking lot at Oak-ridge shopping mall, San Jose, CA under heavy rain shower.  Pretty hard to drive and being fairly miserable.

Well, need to go back to work and wish everyone has a safe and happy Holidays.

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