Holiday photoshoot –

I have always wanted to have a holiday party for my Rett Syndrome family, but it always seemed like it would be a little sad – having all these non-verbal girls sitting on Santa’s lap just asking for the wish that they could walk and talk and be seizure-free, so I never put it together. This year, just serendipitously, our friends, Lauren and Kevin, parents of Molly, organized a photoshoot with CureRett, a UK organization to take photos of our girls and raise awareness and funds to find treatments for Rett Syndrome.

So on the 22nd we cleared out our living room and turned it into a photo studio:


And people brought food:


And we partied like it was 1999. I can’t wait to show you the photos, Kevin did such a great job!

Vince held babies and introduced him to the wonders of Coca Cola (the baby did not have any Coke, I made sure of that):


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