Nursing school here I come, maybe?

The time has come to decide if I’m going to apply to nursing school. I’ve taken one prereq course a term since the fall of 2010 and I thought that I would not even need to think about going to nursing school until Spring of 2014 (which in 2010 seemed like an eternity away). But just a few weeks ago, I discovered that my prereqs will be done by Fall of 2013 so I need to apply now! Which brings me to an existential question of whether I can actually pull this nursing/working/house/kids/dogs and husband thing. I’m not sure that I can, I have been breezing through my prereqs, none of them have required a lot of studying, so except for class time, I’ve been doing very little of prep work. This semester, with my first Anatomy class, I’ve been swamped. The memorization work has been very time consuming and I’m doubting my ability to take 2 classes a term (which will be necessary for going to school part time) and managing the rest of my responsibilities. I also mentioned to Jeremy that I wanted to start taking guitar lessons to which Jeremy replied, “You are not allowed to have any more hobbies, I’m the one who gets the next hobby!” Apparently I’m too busy? Or too busy for him?


So yesterday, I started knocking down my non-class requirements for applying to school, the first of which was to take a 4-hour test of academic skills.

When Edda was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, my weight plummeted 15 pounds – I looked great! and I felt awful. Over the years, the weight has come back as I’ve become happier and now I’m 20-25 pounds up from the low which is a little too much, so I’ve been wanting to bring my weight down 8-10 pounds – so I’ve been watching my intake pretty carefully for the past month or so. The thing about dieting is that one is always on the edge of hunger and that being on the edge of hunger makes you grouchy. It also makes one vulnerable to extra caloric expenditure. So I’m in the middle of the math section of the test and I can actually feel my brain drawing more caloric reserves so that I can simplify fractions or do unit conversions more quickly and accurately, but I’m also about to pass out and I can see the errors creep in as I get to the end of the section.

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