Back to class.

Two classes this term – one online and one in person. I found another professor for Anatomy and Physiology II. Hoping that he’s more organized and, frankly, easier.


He said he didn’t mind eating in class (which is held in a lab) which is great – as there is actually no money to have labs that involve chemicals stronger than baking soda.


Did you know most hormones are derived from cholesterol?


ME65 Class Renion, San Jose, CA

Two Sundays ago, we had a National Taiwan University, ME65 class reunion on 1/20/2013.  All these people are in their early 70s.  And, of course, we are all survivals.  Unfortunately, a lot of our classmates are gone, to see God or Budda.  Therefore, it is a privilege that we are all well and can sit together for pictures.

Only me is working at this moment, all of them are happily retired.  May be I have something to do with Dura-Cell, ticking all the time 🙂

This weekend, I will be back to Washington DC for a real reunion with Rena and, also to spend, our Chinese New Year (Year of the Snake) together. 

Seventy degrees –

The temperature yesterday hit 70 degrees here. I would have jumped for joy until I realized that it was 70 degrees like 3 weeks ago – this is the craziest winter ever and it was like 8 degrees four days ago. Ruby, my trustworthy companion is getting old, I’m giving her joint medication now – whenever we stop walking, she wants to lie down and eat grass. I totally understand. When I reach her age, I hope I’m lucky enough to lie in the sun and have people come up to me and say hello.


It’s so strange to walk in summer weather and see withered trees.


So much food.

Yesterday was a day of food. Korean food for lunch and steak for dinner. An unbelievable day of feasting. I have been very moody recently (actually maybe for the last 2-3 months) it is not exactly a depression which I have experienced many times, Jeremy describes it as my mid-life crisis. Maybe that is true. It would be not surprising that I am suffering from this malady and not Jeremy. The main manifestation of this comes with the addition of more and more hobbies. I will not list my “hobbies” which may or may not include items that may incriminate me, but I must agree that it is getting a little bit out of control. (Can I count eating as a hobby?)



Edda and being dry.


Edda is dry all the time – both on the inside and on the outside. She doesn’t drink enough water and her skin is so chapped in the winter months. No matter! She’s been in a good mood all winter and we are working on getting her enough fluids.

I bought her this cute humidifier and now I’m taking it room to room to humidify the whole house.




We went to this pizza place last night – I think we are trying to try every single restaurant that we can within a five mile radius of the house – there are a lot, we find them all through Yelp. Did you know that in a 1000 degree pizza oven, it only takes 90 seconds to cook the pizza?  There was a miniature shuffleboard table and we tried to figure out the rules (a la smartphone, but perhaps we could have asked someone). Jeremy seemed to think that we needed to stand on the same side of the table, but I disagreed. We tried to figure it out, but then the food came.


Still cold.


Thursday is my paperwork day – it’s when I carve out the hour or so or more where I slog through bills, RSVPing, getting gifts, filling out reimbursement slips, balancing the budget, etc. I know there are productivity points somewhere that say that this should only happen once a month, but really, if I don’t do it once a week, it all goes kablooie. I really do this task weekly, but for whatever reason, if I need to skip a week (because I’m at the spa, ha ha just kidding), I’m usually OK and not overrun with overdue things.

It snowed just about 1.5 inches last night, it was so cold that the snow refuses to have any slush to the powder, it doesn’t pack into snowballs, it just flies in all directions when the wind blows. Brrr.



It is cold here! I was a little worried that there would be no cold snap – thus allowing all the daffodils to come up in February and that the fleas would happily multiply all winter waiting to attack.

The kids had off yesterday – and Vince was busy. Edda not so busy. I might need to work on that.


Vince is playing in a trio – we are struggling, struggling with practicing. The trio makes him happy, he’s first violin – we’ll see.