Still cold.


Thursday is my paperwork day – it’s when I carve out the hour or so or more where I slog through bills, RSVPing, getting gifts, filling out reimbursement slips, balancing the budget, etc. I know there are productivity points somewhere that say that this should only happen once a month, but really, if I don’t do it once a week, it all goes kablooie. I really do this task weekly, but for whatever reason, if I need to skip a week (because I’m at the spa, ha ha just kidding), I’m usually OK and not overrun with overdue things.

It snowed just about 1.5 inches last night, it was so cold that the snow refuses to have any slush to the powder, it doesn’t pack into snowballs, it just flies in all directions when the wind blows. Brrr.


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