Edda’s real birthday!

Edda’s real birthday was on Sunday the 24th. It was just going to be me and Edda as Vince and Jeremy already left for New Mexico the day before. A few years ago, Jeremy was traveling for work on Edda’s birthday and I made him promise that he would not leave me alone with Edda on her birthday – it was just too tough to celebrate without him. But something about this year, maybe our pancake breakfast a few weeks ago, maybe because it was just me and Edda and maybe because it was spring break, but the day was just filled with my own happiness and Edda’s happiness. We went to the dog park, to see a movie where we shared a box of popcorn, shopping and had dinner with family and ate a lot. And it was good. Look how big Edda is!


Edda’s big birthday pancake bash –

Last Saturday we hosted a big birthday bash for Edda’s 9th birthday. It was an early open house from 9 am -1 pm where we served coffee, pancakes, bacon and sausage. We’ve wanted to do this for many, many years, based on the children’s book, Curious George Makes Pancakes. We tried to invite all the people in our immediate community and we probably had about 80-100 people show up for pancakes. Jeremy flipped about 200 to 250 pancakes made from scratch. I wish I took more pictures. My mom was the amazing bacon/sausage-meister. Edda! and Edda had the most fun of all, she was so social and so happy, a big smile on her face the whole morning and she would walk around leaning on the guests and smiling at them and told them herself with her smile that she was happy that they were there. The event was so heartwarming and special to me.

We asked that in lieu of gifts, for folks to make donations to RSRT to fund research for Rett Syndrome. I’m still adding together all the offline gifts, but I think we are well over $3,000 in donations. Here’s the link in case any of my 10 bloggy readers would like to donate: